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If you love the rock band “Free”, then you’ll love this news!

The End Records and BMG have teamed up to release Simon Kirke’s upcoming studio album, All Because of You, out February 10, 2017, in North America. Kirke was the drummer of the English rock band Free, founded in 1968, with original members Andy Fraser, Paul Kossoff and Paul Rodgers. Their biggest hit, “All Right Now,” reached number one in more than 20 territories.

The article then continues with some great insights around the inner workings of the band and how the guys felt about each other.

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“I was never really a singer. When you’re in a band with Paul Rodgers, you don’t really need to sing because he’s so good. I did the occasional backing vocal, and I was never really a good singer. But, on this album, I really wanted to sing well. I took vocal exercises. Josh Solomon, the leader of the band, and his wife Erika, are both amazing singers. They taught me some exercises, and we did vocal warmups before each vocal take. It really helped my singing immensely. But, then again, I love playing drums.”



If you are looking to play All Right Now and why not, then check out this video. Look further down though and you’ll be able to hear some rather different arrangements of it!

This has to be one of the most popular songs that guitarists want to play from the off. If you can play the chords cleanly, your beginning to get it together.Here is a bizarre example of the song played by a brass band which just shows the enduring appeal of this rock classic!

Twitter is always a great place to find out what people think of a number and it’s no different with this song as there are plenty of comments and people listening.

Okay, so that’s the audio version, but perhaps it’s better to actually listen and watch? Here’s Band X with Paul Rodgers signing…looks amazing! If this article has meant you’ve run for your guitar and you’re playing All Right Now, then job done!

Here Is All Right Now On iTunes

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  1. Thanks Ged ….. you have just made an old man very happy.
    Paul Rodgers is God …. Paul Kossoff was a genius who left us far too early.


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