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GMI On Youtube

Up until recently, our presence on Youtube has been, well muted would be a good way of puttiGuitar and Music Institue on Youtubeng it. This, however, is all going to change and the process has actually already begun. GMI on Youtube is now a reality.

There is a lot to running a website and it feels at times like the spinning plate trick where it’s hard to
keep them all going. Youtube is an online presence that we just cannot afford to shy away from anymore. If you are familiar with Pinterest, then you may GMI on Pinteresthave come across our Pinterest account. If you are on Pinterest then you can find us here by clicking the following Guitar & Music Institute. As you can see we have a large following and it brings the GMI lots of traffic, Youtube can do this and more.

So, we are already up by six subscribers in a couple of days and we would love you to be part of our Youtube channel. You view our channel by clicking GMI


We pondered long and hard regarding advertising on the site, but the reality is we need to bring some money in, however little, to help the site. Free content is not cheap to produce, so instead of giving you a long and boring lecture about all that, we would just ask that when you are on GMI, if an advert does GMI on Youtubetickle your fancy please click it. This will bring in a small amount of cash which will be a big help as we go forward with plans for next year.

On the subject of advertising, did you know we have banner areas across the site that you can advertise your band, CD or new downloads, music shop, just about anything (within reason) at an incredibly low cost? GMI is now getting almost 4K of hits a month and growing. Our advertising system is completely automated, all you need is your banners that match the size areas we offer and a Paypal account. Check out this link to get your banners up across GMI…click “advertise on GMI

Until the next blog post, great having you all on board and watch out for new material coming soon!


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