GMI Now Offered In Multiple Language Translations

If you have tried to use GMI - Guitar & Music Institute before but English is not your first or a well known language, then we've just made things a whole lot easier! GMI pages across our website can now be changed with the touch of a button into German, Spanish, Japanese, Danish, Portuguese, Italian and French!


Multiple Language Translations As Standard On GMI

multiple language translations


If you have tried to use GMI – Guitar & Music Institute before but it’s not in your language, then we have added multiple language translations across our website. We added German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Danish and Portuguese to begin with. This is in addition to the default English language translation.

How To Change GMI Into Your Own Language

Changing GMI into your own language is easy. With our multiple language translations choice at the top of the GMI website simple click the flag/language that you use. Your current page and all subsequent pages you view will quickly translate into your chosen language.

foreign language

What If My Language Is Not Available?

If you don’t see your language as a choice at the top of the screen then send us an email. If we feel there is enough demand to add further languages then we’ll do so as soon as is possible. We hope that we have covered a large amount of the world’s languages but no doubt others will be added as time goes by.

If you are a fluent speaker in any of the languages that are currently available contact us. If you like GMI and feel that your services could help our site please get in touch. We are always looking to improve the offering that we create for guitarists around the world.


Please note that although all text will be translated, our video content will still only be offered in English. This is an ongoing piece of work and we feel that in many ways, the video content is very much self explanitory. In the longer term we want to include our video content in as many different languages as possible. For now, we hope you enjoy the fact that our website is now viewable in six languages.

Find out about all our latest content by heading over to the Guitar & Music Institute homepage.


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