GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Latest News 3/13/17

The latest breaking news from GMI for March 2017 with our up and coming features and plans for the rest of the month.


Latest News Updates From GMI

GMI continues to grow in both visitors, members and page views. Coming up this month is some exciting new podcasts including interviews with guitarists and musicians who are active within the industry. The podcasting side of GMI has been going really well with listeners from all over the world.

We had the pleasure of releasing an interview with the amazing jazz guitarists Nigel Clark last month. We also recorded three videos and these have been put together and will create a new course titled “The Need For Speed”. Watch out for that this month; Nigel’s playing is amazing and the three videos let you in on exactly how he executes his amazing technique.

We will be continuing our “How To Play” series of articles which mix how to play a specific song with news from the band or artist that makes it pertinent. We have now instigated a way of letting users know view through our social media pages past articles which can easily get buried.

With regards social media, we have seen some amazing growth with our Twitter and Youtube channels starting to get pretty healthy subscription rates. If you are not part of one of our social network accounts, then please join up; the more the merrier!

We will be publishing another new book this month as our range continues to grow so if you’re into blues guitar, well you might be interested. Our forum is the one area we would like to see more interaction. If you have a moment, please join up to the site and tell us all about yourself. It’s through the forum that we can work and get to know our members better and respond to their wishes on the site.


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