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Amazon Prime is without doubt one of the giants that are fighting for the huge online video market so it made a lot of sense for GMI - Guitar & Music Institute to be involved! We go through the current video content we currently have on Amazon Prime. As well as this we show how our links work and why if you are a "Prime" user you should consider watching through Amazon's service.


Amazon Prime – Stream and Download GMI On Prime

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Amazon Prime – what’s going on? We are delighted to announce that GMI – Guitar & Music Institute is now available to view as part of the Amazon Prime video service. If you are a member of Amazon Prime then find out how GMI is rolling out all of it’s videos on the Amazon Prime service.

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Why Are We Adding Our Content To Amazon Prime?

GMI has video content up on Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion so why are we adding Prime into the mix? The fact is with over 80 million Prime users in America alone and growing, it’s a market that cannot be ignored.

Amazon Prime is also available to consumers in the UK, Germany and Japan so on numbers alone it’s basically a no brainer.

The Prime interface is very slick! In our opinion, it’s much better than any other video streaming and delivery system out there. GMI video content is something we take pride in and continue to develop and Amazon Prime enables us to show our content of to the highest standards.

Getting Content On Prime

Getting existing content on to Prime is not easy and it takes quite a bit of time to get our videos prepared as well as ancillary files. Amazon have a very strict policy regarding the uploading of content and all supporting materials. Here is a list of what they demand:

  • Video files need to be prepared and wrapped in a very specific file wrapper.
  • Artwork needs to be created to exacting specifications in multiple sizes.
  • There needs to be complete and accurate subtitles for each video in a special format.
  • A synopsis has to be prepared for every series and individual episode.

There are no exceptions to the above rules. Amazon’s upload regime is very rigorous and exacting and because of this we think that around eighty percent of Youtube users will not be on Amazon Prime. On most video streaming sites, it’s a case of uploading and away you are live. With Amazon, the focus is on quality, not quantity and GMI is part of this high quality offering.

Due to the above facts, it takes time to prepare all materials and that is why our “roll out” of GMI video content is being undertaken in stages.

What Content Does GMI Currently Have On Prime?

The current content available from GMI on Amazon Prime is the following (updated as we add content):

Performance videos by Ged Brockie the director and creative vision of GMI

  • A series of six video performances by the Ged Brockie Band from the albums “The Mirror’s Image” and “The Last View From Mary’s Place”.
  • Solo performance video of “The Christmas Song”.
  • Performing Five Innovations For Guitar & Orchestra with the New Arts Festival Orchestra (five videos in total).

Benefits Of Watching GMI On Amazon Prime

There are many benefits of watching GMI content on Prime for you the end user. You will be know when a series of our videos are available of Prime as you will see the following graphic which once clicked takes you to Prime content.

Guitar & Music Institute Amazon Prime

This graphic will be offered in the regions served by us through Amazon Prime which will usually be USA, UK, Germany and Japan. Due to the restrictions created by Amazon at times we may not be able to offer every video in all of these countries. This is not our fault, but the way that the exacting Amazon (and at sometimes odd) way of video and meta data preparation.

A list of the benefits

  • We have had to take all logos and links to GMI out of our videos which means that the videos are shorter with no beginning bumpers or ending. It’s straight to the point!
  • In many cases we have re rendered the videos to ensure that they are at 1080 HD quality in all cases. This has been a good way of uprating older video content. You will see content in all it’s glory.
  • You can view on any device. As Amazon are doing all the heavy lifting here, we now have content that is delivered across any conceivable watching device. It means that if you are on a mobile/cell phone it can work from the Amazon Prime app. This is true of all other devices such as tablets etc.
  • Still free! Yes, it’s all still free for Amazon Prime users to watch GMI content.
  • Purchase and download GMI content at low cost to you and discount for downloading entire series of videos.
  • Great looking graphics and clear course and lesson synopsis to up the anti in the GUI stakes.

How Long Until You Get All Material Up On Prime?

We don’t know the answer to this one! We are working flat out to get all current GMI content on Prime as well as adding other videos that have not yet been released or have not been added to GMI. What this means is that there will be a huge amount of material for you to watch that you have not already seen here.

We will also be adding all new videos that we create directly onto Amazon Prime as well so you can be rest assured that all the benefits mentioned above are worth the wait.

Watch Out For That Prime Logo & Your Country

So, from now on, if you are a member of Amazon’s Prime offering, make sure you watch our videos on Amazon Prime for a concise all frills video streaming experience.


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