Gary Clinton is one of the Guitar & Music Institute guitar instructors. Gary is an internationally recognised songwriter and guitarist. A recent success came in late 2013 when ‘It All Comes Down To This’ was top-listed by US TV producers for placement in major sports television programming and video games.

In March 2014 Gary signed a licensing contract with Pulse Records USA to allow TNT/Turner television producers to use the song. In addition to this Gary has other songs currently in the music licensing pitching process, as well as new material in production.

Gary has recently teamed up with producer Waynne Smart (The Family Rain, Universal) on a new project ‘Hi Fi Infidels’ described as ‘where Arctic Monkeys & Queens Of The Stone Age meet’. Another active project is instrumental riff-rockers Flux Velociraptor who are releasing their debut EP on iTunes later in the year, again produced by Waynne.

Gary has currently contributed two courses to the Institute; Beginners Guitar & Barre Chords. Both have had excellent responses from students, not only the content, but Gary’s wonderfully relaxed and excellent explanation of the concepts being covered.

Gary will continue to contribute to the Guitar & Music Institute in the months and years ahead. He will not only be looking at techniques, but also how to play actual songs. You can find out more about Gary and his work at the following web link.


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To view the courses that Gary has created as well as other courses from GMI, please visit our How To Play Guitar page. This page lists all of our current course content that is totally free to access. In most cases you do not even need to sign up, you can just view the videos and PDF material straight from the page. You should also have a look at our page guitar books for sale. This lists all the current books that GMI has created. The books are available in both printed and ePublication format.


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