Four Guitar Pedalboards Worth A Closer Look


Behringer PB600 Pedal Board

The second of our video reviews and the final of our guitar pedalboards under consideration is from the mammoth Behringer company who bring low cost but high quality guitar and audio goods to the market. This is done from a purpose built village in China where the workers live and work exclusively for Behringer.

When it comes to reviews, the Behringer comes second with a combined four and five star review score of 82% which is pretty good going! This is based on a good number of reviews by the way.

Customers point out how light it is, that is very roomy and comes at a great price. For these reasons and a whole host of others besides, we think this is definitely a pedal board worth checking out.

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Guitar Pedalboards Review What Do You Think?

Did you like what we covered in our guitar pedalboards review? If you have some thoughts on what you think should be added then please add to the comments section below. There is so much choice out there and there will no doubt be boards that we have not featured that are very much worth a look.


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