Four Guitar Pedalboards Worth A Closer Look


Gorilla Universal Guitar Effect Pedal Board Organizer

It’s a bit of a beast. Next up is Gorilla who are well known for durable and high quality products. Does this pedalboard fit the bill?

Gorilla Universal Guitar Effect Pedal Board Organizer


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With a five star satisfaction rating of 76% and an incredible combined four and five star rating of 94% on Amazon, you’ve got to think that Gorilla are doing something right with this pedalboard.

It’s not hard to see why people like this pedalboard as it is really great value for money. Simple in design, but rugged enough to take the slings and arrows of being kicked around a stage. It comes well packaged and includes a long line of Velcro for attaching all your favourite stomp boxes. It’s quite heavy so keep this in mind if you are looking for something that is lightweight. It’s got plenty of space for pedals and can be laid flat or at an angle for performance.

The negative comments of which there are few and far between seemed spurious in light of the heaps of praise that this pedal has attracted.

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