Four Guitar Pedalboards Worth A Closer Look


Guitar Pedalboards – Isn’t It Time You Considered Your Options?

guitar pedalboards

If you have a growing range of guitar pedals and effects you’ll probably know that it’s not a good idea to just stuff them all into a bag. It’s not only the fact that they get scraped and damaged, it’s all the tiny and not so small leads that you also need. That’s where guitar pedalboards come in.

A guitar pedalboard keeps all your pedals organised as well as ensuring that lead life is extended as you are not continually pulling leads in and out. Also, it’s a great way of easing the pressure on a gig. Get the pedalboard, plug in and you are ready to play.

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We look at four pedalboards that come at a reasonable price and also have a lot of consumer satisfaction. There are other pedal board options out there, but we think you’ll like this bunch to whet your appetite.

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Pro Tec SWPB3 Stonewood Guitar Effects Pedalboard, Large

Pro Tec are a well respected name in the world of guitar tech. This is the first item we will be considering for this article and it comes with a pretty healthy reputation.

Pro Tech Stonewood Pedalboard


The Pro Tech SWPB3 Stonewood Guitar Effects Pedalboard, Large version comes with a good range of reviews which like the fact it is not a “rail board” type board. Also, there is a big suspicion that pedalboards are just too expensive and this board scores bigtime in those stakes.

You’ll get these at a very reasonable cost and as you can see, they really do hold a good selection of pedals of various sizes. The one negative that seems to be doing the rounds is the quality of the hinges used in construction. As well as this, some customers have complained about slippage onstage. This could easily be rectified by adding some Velcro to the bass of the unit, however, it’s something to keep in mind.

On the plus side, it’s roomy, durable and well worth the money.

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