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Fastlines was created by Ged Brockie in 1990 and ran for around four years. There were ten packs released; three jazz, three blues and four rock packages. We hope you enjoy the series which took two years to devise, create and record.

Born out of a desire to give improvising guitarists more than just a book of licks, the Fastline series brings together many different and diverse elements which, when combined give you a better understanding of how you can progress further in your chosen style of music. CLICK GUITAR BOOKS FOR SALE to be taken to our Amazon portal.

  • Hundreds of licks offered in blues, rock and jazz across all ten packs.

  • Comprehensive legend with examples included.

  • No sight reading necessary.

  • A “line by line” section discusses the scales, arpeggios, tempos and right/left hand techniques used in each example as well as authors comments which focus in on points difficulty.

  • Every course includes ten projects which relate to the actual lines presented, helping you to get months of work from each tutor.

  • Five backing tracks with each tutor enables you to hear how your newly acquired lines sound in a variety of musical situations.

  • Complete solo included in jazz and blues packs.