Famous Guitarists on Twitter

There was a time when it was incredibly hard to actually connect with the guitarists you were interested in, not any more! Today it's easier than ever to find, view and interact with your guitar heros through Twitter. We give you a list of go to accounts to get you started!


Famous Guitarists on Twitter – Finding, Following and Engage

famous guitarists on Twitter

As the subtitle outlines, finding famous guitarists on Twitter has made it very easy to actually make contact with people you admire in the guitar world. Now you can (at least in theory) hear directly from your guitar idols.

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We say “in theory” because it’s more than possible that unlike American president Donald Trump, not everyone who has a Twitter account may actually run it. There is also the chance that it may be run by an external agency or through automated software.

In the case of Twitter accounts being handled by someone other than the artist themselves, it may be that the platform is being used as a promotional device. The lure of Twitter is people’s desire to see the whole person. Find out about their lives beyond the bounds of their principal area of expertise.

If You Follow Famous Guitarists on Twitter Be Sensible

This connection directly to a medium through which people talk directly to fans and followers can have negative outcomes. Think of the film “Misery”!  Don’t fall into the trap of being their “number one fan”. Just because you have access, don’t feel you can bombard anyone account with messages. This is the quickest way for you to get banned from an account.

A List of Famous and Useful Guitar Contacts

So, here is a list of famous guitarists on Twitter that you should check out. It’s by no means a massive list but the page would just go on forever if we kept going with all the accounts.

Think of anyone that you’re into and search Twitter and hopefully they will be there. Here is our list in no particular order to get you started.

Get Yourself On Twitter and Start Getting Followers

If you have enjoyed our article famous guitarists on Twitter then hopefully you’ll realise that you too can have a large following. If you are new to Twitter (where have you been!), then here are some resources for you to check out. Hopefully GMI – Guitar & Music Institute will be featuring your Twitter account in the future!

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Until the next time, happy Twittering! Oh, and check out the GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Twitter account while you’re at it and please subscribe. We’d love to have you follow us.

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