The GMI Media kit offers you the opportunity to get your brand, product, company, services and music to potentially 1000s of music loving people all over the world. What's more, GMI uses routines applied to the website and our social media engagement that means if you buy a GMI package, you'll get continued exposure not for one week, a month or a year but ongoing. Read more to find out how you can get some series exposure today for your


The GMI Media Kit – Your Gateway To Mass Exposure


GMI Media Kit

MEDIA KIT DETAILS: The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute media kit is available for download below. GMI has been growing steadily over the last four years and now offers two affordable forms of marketing for musicians, companies, brands, product manufacturers. Reach out to our growing base of customers, website visitors, mailing list users and podcast liseners.

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GMI Media Kit

To download our media kit click HERE

Who is the media kit for?

  • Musicians wanting to get their band, gig, tour, album out there to large relevant audience.
  • Companies such as instrument makers of all types, services and goods who want to hit a targeted niche across a wide range of social media and web based platforms.
  • Online services who are looking to target the music and guitar fraternity
  • PR and other companies looking to expand into the music niche

By clicking either the link or the image above, you’ll download our pdf which is six pages long. It offers an easy to understand format with various options available. It includes graphs of our traffic and various ways we promote GMI to the world of musicians and guitarists.

GMI has many resources across the web including the GMI Youtube channel. All our channels will be used on specific plans to ensure maximum exposure for you and your brand, band, company, product.

To contact GMI about any of our plans, simply click the contact button at the top or bottom of our website. Please detail your project, dates when you wish to begin and desired plan. We will be back in touch shortly after your enquiry. We look forward to getting your message out to a large audience today!

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