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GMI - Guitar & Music Institute has been powering ahead since 2013. We want to take the next step, but we are reaching out to you our community to help us move to that next level.


Donation Goal – Can You Afford From $1 Per Month To Help GMI Grow?

donation goal

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute has been offering the best in guitar and music related content since 2013 and the content is happily given free of charge.

We are making an appeal to you our readership and fellow musicians: can you afford to give us a minimum of $1 per month to help us reach our donation goal of $10,000 in this financial year?

Donation Goal – Why Has GMI Started This?

The Internet gives a false impression or at least false expectations. The impression it gives is that everything is free. Free guitar lessons, free downloads, free video etc., etc. The reality behind this free culture is that behind the scenes it’s not free and for GMI to grow, compete and create new content we need your help.

Costs To Run GMI – Guitar & Music Institute

The following is a truncated list of costs, but you get the idea:

  • Paying musicians for the content they create for this site.
  • Server costs for our websites.
  • Internet access costs.
  • Equipment costs for upgrades or replacement of older items.
  • ISBN costs.
  • Depending on platform, access to distribution for book creation.
  • Software costs. Many of these are one of costs, but in some cases we need to pay a yearly subscription.
  • Bank charges.
  • Accountancy costs for filing each year.

Obviously there are others, but we don’t want to create a bleeding heart post here, we just want to give you an overview of the costs involved in running this free offering on the internet.

How Can You Help and Be Part Of The GMI Team?

If you value the content we create and you dig what we do, then we ask if you will be part of our community and contribute towards our donation goal of $10,000 in one year.

If we can hit this modest business target then it would make a huge difference to GMI. Here’s how:

  • We can hire a part time article writer to create almost daily content about guitar and music.
  • We can develop new courses with incredible guitarists who have the skills to enable you to learn new skills within the GMI – Guitar & Music Institute ethos.
  • We can pay for a faster server enabling GMI to reach up the search engines as speed is everything in an online world.
  • We can advertise GMI to the greater guitar community on a frequent basis.
  • We can buy any new equipment needed when needed as opposed to waiting.

How Much Can You Give?

Our donation goal of $10000 is a minimum, if we reach a higher total then great but this is our initial target.

Donations as seen below can either be a one of or a recurring payment and payments can be as little as $1 up to $100.

If we get 1000 people donating just $1 a month it will transform GMI; think about that…just $1 per month. You can be rest assured that all donations will be used to build up this website and the products we create.

If This Target Is Not Reached Will GMI End?

No. GMI will still continue, however, it means that the roll out of new courses, publications and general running of the site has to fit within the context of the income we currently make which is not very high. We want to take this site forward and if you value the content we provide free of charge, we hope you will consider a recurring donation per month of at least $1.

Thanks for your time, your understanding and I hope, your support.

Ged Brockie – lead tutor and vision behind GMI

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