The Need For Speed Guitar Course

The Need For Speed Guitar course features three video lessons by virtuoso jazz guitarist Nigel Clark. Nigel Clark also features in one of the GMI podcasts. In the interview Nigel discusses his life in music, the people he has played with and his views on guitar, music and more.

What Is Covered In These Three Videos

Nigel will discuss and reveal the secret power behind his incredible speed and fluency across the fretboard. He also discusses the often overlooked right hand and it’s technique relevance to faster fretboard coverage. Finally, Nigel performs a stunning two chorus chord melody solo over a well known jazz standard which is full of amazing jazz chords, lines and arrangement ideas that anyone who loves guitar would like to learn.

This is a short but wonderful course that gives you a real insight into one of the world’s great guitar players.

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1 – Scales & Arpeggio Playing

Length: 8 minutesAuthor: Nigel ClarkComplexity: Hard

scales & arpeggio playing

In this first lesson of the course, you will find out how Nigel attains his incredibly fast picking and fretboard technique over a range of scales and arpeggios.

2 – Right Hand Technique

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Nigel ClarkComplexity: Standard

right hand rhythm

Many players think that when it comes to playing fast, it’s the left hand that needs attention. In this video, Nigel explains why it is the right hand that needs as much if not more attention.

3 – Creating Chord Melody Arrangements

Length: 4 minutesAuthor: Nigel ClarkComplexity: Hard

creating chord melody arrangements

Creating and or actually performing chord melody arrangements on the guitar is one of the most demanding things a guitarist can put their mind to. In this final short lesson, Nigel demonstrates an improvised version of a famous jazz standard and how to go about creating your own ideas.