The Chord Melody Jazz Guitar Course From GMI

chord melody jazz guitar

If you are looking to learn chord melody jazz guitar then this is the course for you! This is being labelled a course but actually, each and every lesson provided here is a self contained course in itself.

You will find a growing range of solo jazz guitar renditions by GMI – Guitar & Music Institute head tutor Ged Brockie. Each of these videos features a jazz guitar rendition of a popular standard. Every video has a fully featured PDF document of around thirty five or more pages associated with it and is available for purchase from our guitar store.

You will learn from the techniques, harmonic function, single line solos and musical ideas presented within each lesson. This work will expand your technique, give you insight into the harmonic language of jazz and build your repertoire.

Content For Each Chord Melody Jazz Guitar Lesson

The PDF’s that are offered for each and every lesson feature the following:

  • Introduction to the work from the author.
  • Legend for the chord diagrams.
  • Audio files through QR code or URL click links discussing various aspects of each piece.
  • Video QR code and URL for immediate playback of the respective piece’s performance.
  • Full and complete transcription of the performance in music and TAB.
  • All chords used within the piece beautifully and clearly shown in large color chord boxes.

Just so there is no doubt, the amount of work that goes into each PDF lesson means that there is a charge for them. That being said, each PDF is reasonably priced and there will be frequent offers for GMI subscribers.

If you are looking to get your solo jazz guitar playing together, keep coming back as this course will be updated on a regular basis.

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It’s You Or No One

Author: Ged BrockieComplexity: Hard

chord melody arrangements for jazz guitar It's You Or No One

This is not that well known a standard or at least it is not the first choice for guitar players to cover. It has a lot within it that is “obvious” in terms of harmonic progression. That being said, a static melody is always a challenge to harmonize and there are still some nice twists here and there within the chord progression to give us plenty of interest. The solo includes pockets of challenging lines and the audio commentary covers a lot of pertinent ground regarding learning this arrangement.