Moving Beyond Barre Chord Basics

If you can now play the basic chord shapes with barre chords then well done, you’ll be interested in the beyond barre chords course. It’s great to get a great sound out of your guitar chords. It can be so hard to get these shapes down at the beginning. You should at least be able to play two major, two minor and two dominant seventh chords with barres. In all cases, the root should be E and A. Hopefully you can play G major in two positions, D minor in two positions and F7 in two positions etc. If you cannot do the above, then check out our free five lesson barre chords course by GMI instructor Gary Clinton.

What Is Beyond Barre Chords About?

This course of lessons introduces you to some old and new forms across a variety of chord types. It will help you make the connection between using chords and being able to play them right up the neck. You may have noticed that with the forms you already know, there is still a big gap between forms. These lessons fill in the gaps between chords.

This course of lessons will also help prepare you for a subject titled “voice leading”. This will be touched upon within the lesson, but if you are interested in learning more about voice leading then watch this lesson.

You will find some of the chord forms difficult to play, there is no getting around this. Also, some of the chord forms have to be used with care. They do not span across all six strings. They can be used in different musical settings, especially ballads.

How Does This Course Help Me Develop As A Guitarist?

By learning the chords and playing them up the neck as shown in these three videos, you will use these chords as a jumping off point to create more complex forms in the future.


1 – Major chords up the neck

Length: 11 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Hard

beyond barre chords

ABOUT THIS LESSON: In this lesson you will be introduced to five major chord forms which will be taken up the neck. The theory of inversion will be discussed and shapes altered accordingly. The chords are then played within a common chord progression in five different positions up the guitar neck.

2 – Minor Chords

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Hard

Minor Chords Taken Up The Guitar Fretboard

ABOUT THIS LESSON: This lesson continutes from the opening lesson which discussed how to create five barre and non barre chords up the neck. In this lesson we consider minor chord shapes and how they can be utilised up the fretboard and within a common chord progression. Creating minor chords from major chords and the theory behind it is discussed.

3 – Dominant 7ths

Length: 9 minutesAuthor: Ged BrockieComplexity: Hard

Dominant seventh chords in five positions up the guitar fretboard

ABOUT THIS LESSON: The final lesson in this series of three discusses dominant seventh chords. How dominant seventh chords are created is discussed as well as showing the forms both individually and in progression.