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classical guitar roundup April 2018

Classical Guitar Roundup April 2018

Classical Guitar Roundup April 2018 News - Vids & Snippets It's been a couple of months since we rounded up the breaking and making news...

Channel Allan Holdsworth with Four-Note-Per-String Scales

I often get asked about two topics: How to play in a modern style and how to break out of box patterns. Though these are two separate ideas, I often start by giving one answer: Check out four-note-per-string scales.

How to Use Your Whammy Bar Within a Riff

This month, I’d like to demonstrate some ways in which I like to utilize my guitar’s whammy bar in the music of Revocation. I often use the bar to “color” chord patterns and to give single-note lines different and unusual textures.
jazz guitar roundup December 2017

Jazz Guitar Roundup

Jazz Guitar Roundup December 2017       It's that time again folks where we bring you the best from the web universe and this article is of...

An Introduction to Symmetrical Scales for Guitar

When learning how to play jazz guitar, or any style of guitar for that matter, we often spend a lot of time working on pentatonic, blues, major and melodic minor scales and patterns on the guitar and then practice bringing these sounds into our solos. While learning the aforementioned scales is essential for any improvising guitarist, there is also another group of scales that are worth spending time on in the woodshed and bringing into our solos on the bandstand: symmetrical scales.

The rock guitarist ‘better’ than Hendrix

Members of the veteran rock band Chicago remember their late guitarist Terry Kath and how the great Jimi Hendrix said Kath was "better" than him.

Image of Virgin Mary and Jesus Shows Up on a Paul Gilbert Ibanez Signature...

People have reported seeing the likeness of the Virgin Mary on lattes, rocks, a Chicago highway underpass and, most famously, a grilled cheese sandwich that eventually sold for $28,000 on eBay in 2004.
rock guitar roundup august 2018

Rock Guitar Roundup August 2018

Rock Guitar Roundup August 2018 News It's rock guitar roundup august 2018 time, it's been three months since the last rock guitar roundup, where does...
classical guitar

Classical Guitar Roundup

Classical Guitar Roundup for September 2017 We try to cover as many musical genres for guitar as we can, so we thought it would be...

Classical Guitar Roundup

Classical Guitar Roundup For December 2017 The news from the classical guitar world was missed out last month, so with many apologies, here we have...
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