5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars Worth Checking Out


Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson who currently don’t have their troubles to seek! The main difference between the guitars made under the different logos is that Epiphones are primarily made oversees where as Gibson guitars are produced in America.

With a reasonable customer comment count of over two hundred and sixty, this very much is a guitar that should be considered. Interestingly, however, there were sixteen negative reviews which was just three less than the Jasmine guitar shown in this article and that guitar had over three times the reviews (mostly positive).

So, what do we recommend as the best of the best 5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars? Everyone is different and have different perspectives on what is and is not a great sound, look etc.

We have plumped for the Oscar Schmidt OG2SM with the Jasmine S34-C as one to keep in mind. That being said, all of the five guitars shown here would definitely be worth a play so keep you options open.

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What Do You Think?

So that was our take on 5 Sub $150 Acoustic Guitars reviewed. What do you think? If you have an acoustic guitar that you think others should know about let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and all our review ideas.


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