2 Chord Songs

Started out on guitar? You're probably raring to go and learn as many riffs and songs as you can. GMI have created a brilliant book of 2 chord songs that will have you playing twenty two hit titles in no time at all. Interested? Read on!


2 Chord Songs – Beginner Guitar Learn Hit Tunes Fast

2 chord songs, do they really write hit songs consisting of just two chords? The answer is yes they do and we’ve created a beautiful book for both print and download for just that reason. You’ve heard of songs consisting of only three chords right? Well, believe us when we say there lots of amazing two chord songs out there to learn. Find out about the long list of 2 chord guitar songs you can learn and the book we’ve created around them.


When you first start learning guitar it’s incredibly exciting, however, it does not take long before you want to get beyond knowing chords and actually playing songs. That’s why GMI – Guitar & Music Institute created a 2 chord guitar songs book.

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We wanted to create a book that went further than the often incorrect or bland guitar TABS that can be found on the Internet.

2 chord songs

What Is In This Two Chord Songs Book?

First up, we’ve taken twenty two of the biggest hits created over popular music history and compacted them into this easy to understand book. We put it together so you don’t have to do any of the following:

  • You don’t have to be able to read music.
  • You don’t need to know any chords before buying.
  • You don’t need to understand confusing chord charts.
  • You won’t get bogged down in lots of technical jargon.

The whole aim of this book is to get you up and running fast. We wanted to make it better than online offerings so what we did do is we:

  • Added a way that you can quickly view videos of the songs being learned.
  • Give you a brief understanding of the artist and song.
  • Each two chords in a song is presented with a suggested rhythm.
  • Included large chord diagrams so you easily understand what you are playing.
  • We also added a short top tips for you to get the best out of your practice.

2 chord songs

2 Chord Songs Book What Artist’s Songs Are Included?

We’ve included a wide range of 2 chord songs for guitar beginners from some of the biggest names in pop music over the last sixty years. Here is a list of the artists which we chose to represent in this publication: Learn to play the songs of the Beatles (Paperback Writer), Eurythmics (Love Is A Stranger), Arctic Monkeys (505), The Mavericks (Dance The Night Away), Oasis (Songbird), Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines), Billy Ray Cyrus (Achy Breaky Heart), Eric Clapton (Tulsa Time), U2 (When Love Comes To Town), Nirvana (Molly’s Lips), Mary J Blige (Family Affair), Fleetwood Mac (Dreams), Chic (Le Freak), Bruno Mars (Uptown Funk!), America (A Horse With No Name), Jane’s Addiction (Jane Says), Maroon 5 (Move Like Jagger), Bruce Springsteen (Born In The USA), Sublime (What I Got), The Doors (Break On Through), Ne-Yo (Closer) and Alicia Keys (Fallin’).

What Else Is Included In The Two Chord Guitar Songbook?

We’ve not stopped there though. Also included in the book are QR Codes for video play along as you watch the song. Suggested rhythms for each song so that you get as close as possible to the original tune. We’ve also included an understanding rhythm section so you can learn how to play the rhythms we’ve included. A “Hints & Tips” box is added to every song as well as a brief introduction which includes a potted history of the song and directions on playing.

Finally at the end of the book there is appendices including four pages of extra open string chords that the beginner and developing guitarist will find of use There is a sheet of chord progressions to practice that are used in other songs as well as a rhythm tree to again help in understanding rhythm.

What Formats Is The Book In?

We have created a multi platform and format book. You can purchase the book as a printed copy directly from Amazon and all good book retailers around the world. We have also created a Kindle version and finally an immediate download PDF version direct from our online shop.

For A Print Copy head over to Amazon

For a Kindle copy also head over to Amazon.

For a PDF immediate download copy head over to the GMI Guitar Shop.

Check Out Our Other Resources

That’s the end of our 2 chord songs article, we hope you manage to get a copy in one or more of our formats soon. We have so many other free guitar lessons, podcasts, resources right hear on GMI, so take some time to check out our site. Also, sign up to our newsletter and get the latest news, discounts and articles from GMI.


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