GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Lates News 4/09/17

The latest breaking news from GMI for April 2017 with our up and coming features and plans for the rest of the month


GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Latest News 4/09/17

Latest News Updates From GMI

Podcast & Radio Success

The big news for GMI as we are now into April is that our podcasts are really starting to take off big time! Currently we have five podcasts live and we would encourage you to check out our podcast page which can be found at the GMI podcasts page. Month on month we are seeing more people subscribe and download. We think that April will easily break over six hundred downloads for a single month.

We will be releasing at least two podcasts for the month of April, so if you have not yet subscribed to our iTunes channel then please check us out. Also, we should mention that our podcasts are also wrapped up into a live stream and we are now featuring the last three podcasts at any one time as a live radio show. Check out GMI on any of the main Internet radio outlets as we are well represented. Numbers are going up week by week which is all very encouraging.

New Material Coming This Month…

This month will see an increase in our popular “How To Play” series and the slightly delayed course “Need For Speed” by Nigel clark which consists of three videos will definitely be on the site. Part of the hold up has been the full transcription of Nigel’s amazing chord melody version of the jazz standard “Out of Nowhere”. It’s well worth the wait.

Apart from our work on GMI, we will soon be moving into the field of audio books. More on this as it takes shape, but we’re excited about the potential there. Until next month, thanks for being part of GMI and it would be great if you could join GMI and engage with our forum as our man Phil has put in a huge amount of work. We need you to make it an engaging forum. Help us make it so!

Best from the GMI


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