10 Indian Guitarists You Should Know!

Often overlooked for some reason, the millions of guitar players that come from India need get much more attention in the west and this article throws the spotlight on many new and established players from this huge country.



At GMI, we want to promote guitarists from around the world and shine a spotlight on guitarists who are not in the mainstream music media spotlight. In this post we are featuring Indian guitarists.

Each month we promote ten guitarists from a specific country. India has some incredible guitar talent across a wide range of musical genres from traditional to western. We want as many guitarists as possible to be exposed to their talents so please share! What a fantastic range of music this blog post has to offer.

If you know of a guitarist you feel deserves to be featured from a specific country, then please leave a comment below. Sadly, you’ll need to be both signed up and logged in to comment on this blog post due to the amount of spam we have to combat.

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Enjoy this selection of Indian guitarists, please visit their websites and see more of their content.


TEN – Josh Mark Raj

Raj is a wonderful player as the above rendition of the Eddie Van Halen solo “Beat It” testifies. He works as a session guitarists as well as working with his band Roxygen. His playing technique is incredibly smooth and he plays this specific solo in a flawless fashion. You can connect with Raj through his Facebook page which you can find by clicking Josh Mark Raj.

NINE – Sanjo Das

Sanjo is a young up and coming guitarist. Although he is not as flashy as some guitarists, his style and output is of a very high calibre as you can hear and see from the beautifully produced video above as they cover the Indian song Galliyan.

You can find out more about Sanjo through his Facebook page which is seeing healthy numbers of people singing up. Simply click Sanjo Das to visit his page.

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EIGHT – Prasanna

A true master and visionary of the instrument, Prasanna performs carnatic music but is also plays jazz guitar as well. He has a very large discography in both classical carnatic as well as jazz guitar releases. He regularly works on film score music not only as a player but as composer. He is also the founding president of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music.

His music and playing style is fabulous to hear. Learn more about this titan of Indian guitarists by visiting his website by clicking his name Prasanna.

SEVEN – Sanjay Divecha

Sanjay is a virtuoso musician who currently blends indo-centric folk traditions and classical music but may be better known for his work in the jazz field. The people he has played with means that he should be a household name and include Angelique Kidjo, Carlos Santana, Michael McDonald, Fred Raulston, Dave Weckl, Louis Johnson, Dumazz and Sambaguru.

He is also a composer of note and is one of India’s foremost musicians who deserves to be heard. Find out more about Sanjay and his work by clicking his name here Sanjay Divecha which takes you to his Facebook page.

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Six – Prakash Sontakke

Hailed as a visionary, Prakash is a slide guitarist who is one of very few people in the world who plays Hawaiian Guitar ,Weissenborns, Slide Guitar ,Electric Lap Steel Guitars and the Dobro in the Hindustani style.

View the video above to see Prakash perform at a Tedx convention. You can also learn all about this master musician by going to his extensive and fully featured website! Check out Prakash’s website by clicking on his name here Prakash Sontakke.

FIVE- Adamya Sharma

Have you heard of Adamya Sharma? No, well check out the Youtube video above as Adamya rips up a Dream Theatre solo. Adamya is yet another example of the depth of guitar talent that is found in India and deserves to be heard on a wider world stage.

Having just released a new album, he has a growing Internet presence on both Facebook and Youtube. Follow or find out more about Adamya at his Facebook page which as usual can be found by clicking on his name here Adamya Sharma.

FOUR – Kapil Srivastava

One of India’s finest acoustic guitarists, Kapil blends music effortlessly between east and west. Kapil, however, is a multi-talented musician. He is a performer, composer, educator and has released several guitar instruction books and books which include original musical works.

Unlike many of the Indian guitarists here, Kapil has his own website which details his work and musical achievements. Listen and learn from this guitar master from India by clicking his name which takes you to his website Kapil Srivastava.

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Three – Konarak Reddy

Another acoustic player, this time nylon string, Konarak Reddy possesses a beautiful lyrical sound and style that anyone who loves guitar will love. He fuses North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic) styles within his guitar style.

Konarak is plays across the world and performed with the likes of Peter Finger, Maynard Fergusson. As always, you can find out more by clicking his name at the end of this sentence which takes you to his Facebook page. Konarak Reddy.

TWO – Bijit Bora

Amazing technique which is exemplified by the video above. Bijit Bora has his own Academy of Modern Guitar as he names it on his Facebook page. Bijit has over twenty eight years of teaching experience under his belt and has helped thousands of students get a head start.

Find out more about Bijit and his performance and teaching skills by clicking Bijit Bora.

ONE – Susmit Sen

Perhaps one of the best known Indian guitarists, Susmit Sen came to prominence with his band “Indian Ocean”. Known as a fusion rock guitarist, Susmit is a self taught player who’s style is very much his own. Susmit has recently worked with Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden.

Check out Susmit Sen’s Facebook page which you can find by clicking his name here Susmit Sen.

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Final Thoughts on Ten Indian Guitarists You Should Listen To

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round up of ten Indian guitarists you should listen to. Obviously there are people we have not covered but it’s all about opinions. Please share this page and really get these great musicians out there.

Finally, why not check out our guitar store that has loads of free music charts and content for you to enjoy!


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