The Christmas Song Free Jazz Guitar Arrangement


Play The Wonderful The Christmas Song Free Jazz Guitar Arrangement

Well, as the end of the year comes around (again!), we’d like to we’d like to offer you a download The Christmas Song Free Jazz Guitar Arrangement performed by Ged Brockie to thank everyone who has taken and been part of GMI.

If you would like to perform it, download the pdf below which includes both music notation and TAB. We hope you enjoy it and we all wish you a wonderful Christmas and happy Hogmanay.
The Christmas song free Jazz guitar arrangement

We will be uploading more blog posts that relate to video lessons from within GMI and our Youtube channel. Each time we add a blog specific post, we will also include a help sheet or music notation part for you to download and practice. The Christmas Song Jazz guitar arrangement is the first of these blog download and learn posts.

From the people visiting and learning from the site to the musicians who give their time and expertise to create the lessons and to everyone else who supports GMI thanks for your continuing support to the cause. We aim to grow into one of the finest guitar learning sites in the world and with your support we know we can. If you would like to contribute to GMI then please get in touch via our contact page which can be found at the bottom of this blog post. We’d love to hear from you and what you would like to contribute to the site.

GMI is getting more and more attention and we hope that you’ll be part of it. Check out our site regularly to find our latest free offerings.

If you would like to help GMI, then please consider donating which helps us create more free materials for all. In the meantime, please download The Christmas Song Free Jazz Guitar Arrangement by clicking the pdf icon below. Have a wonderful 2016!

Best wishes to all for 2016 from the entire GMI team.

The Christmas Song Jazz Guitar Arrangment
The Christmas Song Jazz Guitar Arrangement in music notation and TAB


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