Pentatonic Scales Guitar


Pentatonic Scales Guitar

New players may not be aware that pentatonic scales guitar knowledge is a must. For improvising, playing songs, riffs and a host of other applications, knowledge in this area is a prerequisite. At GMI we offer players a range of lessons. Not only regarding scale knowledge but other courses outlined below. Within the scales course we not offer a pentatonic scales lesson, and all the other scales that you need to help you become the guitarist armed with the knowledge you need.

pentatonic scales guitar
Outlining the five most prominent pentatonic scale patterns used today.






The following lesson by lead GMI instructor Ged Brockie will outline the five main pentatonic scales for guitar across the fretboard. This is just one from the GMI course in guitar scales that you can view GUITAR SCALES, just sign up to access for free.

The course currently covers pentatonics, blues, major, chromatic, melodic minor, fretted major scales with several new lessons coming soon.


All of our lessons come with accompanying pdfs which support the video lesson. If you wish to access these extra resources, then please sign up for a free GMI account by hitting the button in the menu at the top of the page.


New courses are being added all the time and currently we offer a full beginners course, barre chords, a course for guitarists who are looking to expand beyond beginner. Also offered are technique, guitar play alongs, a special beyond barre chords course as well as backing tracks.


Our guitar tuition offering is free, however, we have our Pinning For Musicians course. This outlines and details how you can get massive exposure for you and your music using Pinterest. We also have the “Performing Musicians Blueprint”. This course will enable you to get great ideas on how to expand your playing opportunities as well as income.

Please sign up today at GMI for either our free or paid content. We’d love to have you learn with us.



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