The Top Five Reasons You Should Learn Music Theory

Guitarists have a lot of reasons to avoid learning music theory.

Building a Sustainable Guitar: Mahogany | World Resources Institute

The best guitar necks are made of mahogany, and the most sustainable guitar companies are finding innovative ways to source the wood without destroying its stock.

Paul Riario Unboxes and Demos New Line 6 Spider V 120 Amp

This week, Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario said farewell to his trusty old Line 6 Spider III amp. I don't know how long it's been under his desk, but I know it was there when I first stumbled into GW six years ago.
Calum Malcolm

EP 6 – Interview With Music Producer Calum Malcolm

Calum Malcolm Has Recorded Some Of The Biggest Names In Music. Hear What He Has To Say About Music, Tech., Education & More. Calum Malcolm is without doubt one of the finest recording engineers/producers in the world today. From...

Secrets of Shred with Sammy Boller: Speed Pentatonic Scales

In this lesson, I’ll be demonstrating my favorite way to rearrange the pentatonic scale into a two string-speed pattern. This trick allows you to simplify your left hand fingering for maximum speed and consistency all over the neck.
second hand guitar

Second Hand Guitar Hunting – A guide Second Hand Guitar Hunting Subscribe to my channel by clicking here: http://bit. Second Hand Guitar Hunting thumbnail courtesy of Excellent idea which should be brought up more often. If you are looking to buy a...
jazz chords

Drop 2 Voicings For Guitar

ARE YOU CONFUSED BY DROP 2 VOICINGS FOR GUITAR? If you are serious about getting your chord playing and knowledge together, then it's absolutely imperative that you understand drop 2 voicings for guitar. This short blog...
how to play chasing cars

How To Play Chasing Cars By Snow Patrol – A Funeral Favorite!

Before You Learn How To Play Chasing Cars By Snow Patrol Consider This! There are some songs that are just epic. It's hard to understand sometimes just why a particular song is so popular, but...
boss sd1

BOSS SD1 – Get The Most From This Guitar Pedal Effects Box

THE BOSS SD1 GUITAR PEDAL Are you thinking about or already own a Boss SD1 pedal? This pedal, the SD stand for super overdrive, is one of Boss's best selling guitar pedals of a time....