GMI online guitar shop

GMI Creates New Online Guitar Shop

New GMI Online Guitar Shop Opens!We Are very happy to announce that we have created an online guitar shop which offers guitar accessories, gifts, learning aids and much more.There are many free items where...
Music Health Healing Nordoff Robbins Scotland

Episode 15 – Interview With Janet Halton Of Nordoff Robbins Scotland

Music, Health & Healing - Changing Peoples LivesMany people around the world are waking up to the fact that music is not just about enjoyment or accompanying a social/entertainment situation. Music is now used...
how to change a guitar pickup

Guitar DIY – How To Change A Guitar Pickup

If You Want To Know How To Change A Guitar Pickup, Look No FurtherHave you ever thought about how to change a guitar pickup or indeed any part of guitar DIY? If you have...

Steinberg Unveils Latest Line-up of Cubase Music Production Software

Latest iterations of Steinberg’s award-winning music production systems offer user-requested sampler and optimized use of workspace plus an endless number of
talk about improvisation

Episode 7 – We Need To Talk About Improvisation.

A Talk About Improvisation & How You Can Develop Your Creativity.Learning to improvise is the Holy Grail for a most musicians. For some, however, it's a never ending source of frustration. If you work...

Fender takes a digital turn to get guitar players to tune in

The guitar maker intends to roll out more apps and connected devices aimed at helping customers learn and continue to play the instrument.
guitar tattoos

The Amazing Artistry Of Guitar Tattoos

Got Any Guitar Tattoos? Check Out These & See How Yours Stack Up There was a time when the odds of people getting a tattoo added meant that you were either on the looney fringe...

Episode 8 – Interview With JamStack Creator Chris Prendergast.

JamStack ... The Most Amazing New Amplification Product In Years!Chris Prendergast is the inventor of a new portable guitar amplifier that attaches onto the vast majority of electric guitars. Working with your smartphone it's a...
guitar chords for beginners

Guitar Chords For Beginners

Guitar Chords For Beginners Are you looking to start learning guitar? If you are then you'll find our absolutely free guitar chords for beginners a great help! Our free nine page book includes a wide range...