The Spy – (guitar lesson)

“ Guitar lesson for the song "The Spy" by The Doors. This tutorial is primarily for beginners.”
guitar barre chords

Guitar Barre Chords

GUITAR BARRE CHORDS Are you looking to learn or struggling with guitar barre chords? GMI - the Guitar & Music Institute offers you a completely free introduction course to learning barre chords. The five lesson course...
Learn This Jazz Guitar Solo

Learn This Jazz Guitar Solo

WANT TO GET INTO JAZZ GUITAR? LEARN THIS JAZZ GUITAR SOLO!If you are interested in jazz guitar then why not try out this solo performed by guitarist Ged Brockie live in concert with the...
jazz chord progressions

Jazz Chord Progressions

Jazz Chord Progressions For Minor Keys Learning a wide range of major chord progressions is important, but just as important is learning minor jazz chord progressions. In this lesson you will be introduced to the...
Andy Squires singer songwriter

Episode 20 – Musician’s Moving Online 2 – Interview With Andy Squires

Musician's Moving Online 2 - Singer Songwriter Andy Squires Album LaunchAndy Squires is not unlike many other musicians out there. He is a singer/songwriter; which is a very crowded market. Perhaps the difference between...

iRig Nano Amp | My Guitar Lessons

An ultra-portable, battery-powered micro guitar amplifier and interface for iPhone and iPad.

Paul Riario Unboxes and Demos New Line 6 Spider V 120 Amp

This week, Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario said farewell to his trusty old Line 6 Spider III amp. I don't know how long it's been under his desk, but I know it was there when I first stumbled into GW six years ago.

The Country Boom-Chuck Rhythm how to play

How To Play The Boom-Chuck RhythmDo you know your "boom-chuck" rhythm? If you don't know what this article is going on about then you need to have a read and try it out. Posted by...

Richie Havens’ Thumb Fretting Madness

Richie Havens’ thumb fretting madness Among other honors, soulful, folky groove-meister Richie Havens (1941–2013) holds the distinction of being the first musician to grace the stage of Woodstock—1969’s legendary “Peace and Music” festival (a “counterculture” showcase of Sixties folk and rock icons like Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, the Who, etc.).