How To Play Johnny B. Goode As Chuck Berry Passes Away

Chuck Berry The Godfather Of Rock & Roll's Great Riff Johnny B. Goode  The Godfather of Rock & Roll Chuck Berry's passing away it's only fitting that we look at one of his greatest riffs...
Nigel Clark Jazz Guitarist

EP 3 – Interview With Virtuoso Jazz Guitarist Nigel Clark

Nigel Clark Jazz Guitarists - A Performing Musician Nigel Clark is one of Scotland's finest jazz guitarists. His incredible musicality and amazing technique have made him one of the most sought after players not only...
guitar barre chords

Guitar Barre Chords

GUITAR BARRE CHORDS Are you looking to learn or struggling with guitar barre chords? GMI - the Guitar & Music Institute offers you a completely free introduction course to learning barre chords. The five lesson course...
common chord progressions

Common Chord Progressions

Common Chord Progressions You Should Really Learn Learning a range of well known and common chord progressions is a must for any aspiring musician. By knowing the best known chord progressions, you will be readying...
chord progressions

Chord Progressions

Chord Progressions Every Guitarist Should Know For many guitar players, chord progressions are a bit of a dark art. If you have wondered how some guitar players just seem to know what is coming next...
guitar scales

Master Sweeping by Learning the Rest Stroke

One thing I notice when working with students who want to improve their sweep picking is that, very often, they're playing separate pick strokes instead of letting the pick brush through each string with no pause in the pick's progress.

iRig Nano Amp | My Guitar Lessons

An ultra-portable, battery-powered micro guitar amplifier and interface for iPhone and iPad.
second hand guitar

Second Hand Guitar Hunting – A guide Second Hand Guitar Hunting Subscribe to my channel by clicking here: http://bit. Second Hand Guitar Hunting thumbnail courtesy of youtube.comExcellent idea which should be brought up more often. If you are looking to buy a...

Guitar Tab Tutor App for iOS Teaches Beginners How to Read Tab

Longtime Guitar World transcriber Jeff Perrin has announced the release of Guitar Tab Tutor, a free iOS app designed to teach beginning players how to read and play tablature notation for guitar.
Sunshine Of Your Love

How to play “Sunshine Of Your Love” … as super-group Cream is reintroduced.

Learn "Sunshine Of Your Love" ... as Kofi Baker, Ginger's son goes out on the road.Without doubt Cream were one of the most influential bands of the 60's and had a profound effect on up and...