Check Out Rock Band VR’s First MR Trailer, Now Arriving ‘Early 2017’

Harmonix has confirmed that the upcoming Rock Band VR is now set to release in early 2017, and released the first trailer for the game.
how to become a guitar teacher

How To Become A Guitar Teacher

How To Become A Guitar Teacher - A Guide There are many people who consider teaching guitar and the Internet is awash with "how to become a guitar teacher" articles. There are good and bad...

Building a Sustainable Guitar: Mahogany | World Resources Institute

The best guitar necks are made of mahogany, and the most sustainable guitar companies are finding innovative ways to source the wood without destroying its stock.

Richie Havens’ Thumb Fretting Madness

Richie Havens’ thumb fretting madness Among other honors, soulful, folky groove-meister Richie Havens (1941–2013) holds the distinction of being the first musician to grace the stage of Woodstock—1969’s legendary “Peace and Music” festival (a “counterculture” showcase of Sixties folk and rock icons like Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, the Who, etc.).
Rock Guitar Roundup December 2017

Rock Guitar Roundup

Rock Guitar Roundup December 2017It's been an exciting month for rock music with new Hall of Fame inductees being revealed. As always, GMI provides you with the latest and essential news from across the...
playing guitar bends

Playing Guitar Bends/Slides In A Solo

PLAYING GUITAR BENDS & SLIDES IN A SOLO If you are looking to learn how to incorporate playing guitar bends & slides in a solo then this lesson is for you! Guitarist Ross Campbell shows...
classical guitar

Classical Guitar Roundup

Classical Guitar Roundup for September 2017We try to cover as many musical genres for guitar as we can, so we thought it would be good to just have a post which is dedicated to...
funk chords

Funk Chords Within A Minor Blues

Funk Chords Within A Minor Blues Song This video lesson offers guitarists a great way to learn funk chords within the setting of an actual song. Funky Minor Blues is the first of three complete songs...
Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth A Tribute…

Allan Holdsworth A Titan Of The GuitarMost guitar players who love the instrument will know of Allan Holdsworth passing. Allan was a singularly talented musician who stood head and shoulders across the guitar fusion...