Boss DD5 – Still One Of The Best Digital Delays Around

Using A Boss DD5 For Delay And Echo Effects for Guitar

Most guitar players are familiar with reverb. Beyond reverb we then move into the area of echo and delay effects. Boss have been at the forefront of digital delay effects pedals for years. This lesson takes a look at the Boss DD5 effects pedal as well as discussing how these pedals came about.

What Does The Lesson Cover?

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute guitarist Gary Clinton goes into detail about how echo and delay effects have evolved. By understanding how the effect was created, the guitar player can best understand how the current effects pedals have taken shape. The Boss DD5 is a versatile and well known pedal. You will find out how to make best use of the pedals four control knobs. Understanding how these controls work together opens up a huge amount of possibilities for new sounds. As well as this, Gary refers to the sounds that have been created by guitarists such as “The Edge” from U2.

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