Jam Tracks For Guitar


Jam Tracks For Guitar

Are you looking for really interesting and challenging jam tracks for guitar? If so, check our Score play along series. There are eight tracks in total and what’s more they are completely free! Below is a fifteen page pdf which include two songs for both first and second guitar parts.

Below is an example of one of the charts that you get access to once you sign up for a free GMI account. The mp3 play alongs are also held within the respective songs area.

jam tracks for guitar
This pdf is 55mb so please be patient on download.









  1. Sign up to GMI.
  2. Once signed up, log in then choose the “FREE STUFF” and then “Guitar Play Alongs” from the top menu.
  3. There are four styles to choose from which are from easy to challenging. Blues, Jazz Bebop, Heavy Metal and finally Jazz Fusion.
  4. Each style has two songs and each play along has an mp3 to accompany it. Pan your speakers to hide the original guitar part once you can play the part.
  5. In most cases there are two guitar parts given for each song.

The songs offer you the following:

  1. An original song for you to perform.
  2. A complete solo notated for you to learn.
  3. A solo section for you to improvise your own ideas on.
  4. A fully notated music and TAB system for clarity and access.


You get to play songs at a level you feel comfortable with. The songs are all created around ideas and progressions that are common within music. The solo is given for you to use as a template for your own ideas. We also have included some notes on the solo and what was being used musically to create it. Finally, in many of the pieces you will find a second guitar part. This details chord forms and other ideas for you to use in accompaniment.


If you like any of these play alongs then please leave a comment and also tell others about them. The more that use these materials and know about them the better.

All the best from GMI!