Guitar Website Questionnaire


We want to make GMI into one of the world’s “go to” websites for guitarists. To do this, we need your help in finding out exactly what it is you would like. Please help us by letting us know what you think about the website, it’s current material and new material ideas.


Welcome to your What Do You Think Of GMI?

1) Before today, had you ever heard of GMI?
2) Regardless of whether you have been to GMI before or not, what do you think of the website look and layout?
3) GMI offers guitar tuition, solos, printed books. As a guitarist, what would you really like to see from a guitar website?
4) Did you know that GMI offers free downloads of solos, chords etc. from our BLOG post section?
5) If you have previously joined GMI do you think we communicate via email enough with you about our new material?
6) We are looking to create live and pre-recorded webinars where individual guitar topics such as scales, arpeggios, chords etc. are gone through with video along with a free download. You will be able to choose when you view these. Would you be interested in this?
7) GMI released it's first printed book in June titled "Drop Two Voicings Uncovered" backed up by two hours of video on our Youtube channel. This book is available on Amazon in printed and Kindle form. Have you heard of this new publication?
8) GMI has a Youtube channel. It can be found by going to the bottom of this page and clicking on the Youtube icon. Did you know that GMI had it's own Youtube channel?
9) If there was one thing that you would like to see from a guitar tuition website like GMI, what would it be?
10) GMI are looking to create a percussive guitar course in the style of Andy McKee in video form with free handouts as well as a new method book. Would this be of interest to you?


Thanks for taking the questionnaire. This will be a massive help in moving us forward. Please fill in any other comments you want in the box above.



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