Guitar Masters

The first in our Guitar Masters series will learn from one of Scotland’s finest ever musicians let alone guitarists! Malcolm MacFarlane has a huge line of credits to his name in performance, tuition and composition. In Malcolm’s Guitar Masters series of lessons he explores the John Coltrane song “Giant Steps”, long thought of as a right of passage for guitarists and musicians alike who are looking to play jazz.

There are eight packed videos within Malcolm’s course and each one is a treasure trove of information and insight. To whet your appetite, we will be offering a free PDF of Malcolm’s solo introduction to the course. The actual course itself discusses many of the ideas and techniques he uses in performing this blistering tour de force of a solo!


Love the solo? Then why not record yourself in both audio and video and send us a link to it so we can highlight you on our Youtube channel and gain you some exposure! You can download the full solo and listen to the audio at full speed HERE. For signed up FREE members, you will also be able to access the half and three quarter speed solos as well below the full speed version.


Guitar Masters brings you some of the finest players in the world. Each virtuoso player a master instrumentalist in their own musical genre. With Guitar Masters, you get their ideas and concepts in both video and book form. As wide a range of musical styles as possible will be offered in this series.

Every musician featured in Guitar Masters has their own idea about how music is perceived, but one thing is consistent and that is that every one of these highly talented guitarists are masters of their instrument and you have the chance to learn from their ideas and musical vision.


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