Guitar Forum From GMI Awaits You!

The GMI Guitar Forum is open and ready for business! When we say business, well it's actually totally free, but we are ready for you to kick start this awsome new feature of GMI into orbit with news, views, tips, discussion both heated and meaningful. It's your forum, what are you waiting for?!


Looking For A New Kind Of Guitar Forum?

The GMI guitar forum looks like any other guitar forum, but there is a bit of a twist on this one. Our forums, or at least many of our forums are directly linked to the courses we offer for you to study. How does this help you might wonder? Well, what this means is that if you have any problems, points to make or need help, the forum will be there for you to put up your questions. Get answers from the GMI team. Get answers from fellow guitar players. It’s the ingredient that will make the courses fly even higher as you find out “your not alone”.

guitar forum free

Aren’t Forums Full Of Weirdos Who Live With Their Mum & Wear Anoraks All Day?

NO! Who told you that?! Forums are massive on the Internet so you’re probably the odd one out if your not in one buster! Forums are one of the best ways to exchange information, learn from one another, connect with experts in a host of fields. If you have a problem, there is probably an answer kicking around somewhere in a forum.

What Is The Forum About?

Well, this is a guitar site so all the forums are about so they are almost all about guitar and guitar related materials. That being said, the content within each of the forums is down to the members of the forum. It’s up to you; you decide the direction along with the other members of the forum to make it a place that addresses your wants and needs.

So I Can Say Anything I Want?

Eh….no. There will be really friendly and helpful admins who are there to ensure that nothing bad goes on and that everyone is treated fairly. As the GMI forum grows, we’ll need to reach out the the GMI diaspora around the world and get others involved…interested? Keep an eye on our call to arms in the future as the forums take off!

Can I Just Add Comments To Any Forum?

To take part in the forums you must be a joined up member of GMI. Don’t worry, it’s totally free. Just hit the JOIN UP button on the top menu. You’ll be sent an email with a link to click. Once you’ve done that you’re more or less good to go! Sign in and start adding to the GMI world.

Be Part Of Our Guitar Community Today!

So, if your looking to create something best get in at the beginning! We want you to be part of our forums; build it up, make it into something amazing. If you are already joined up and signed in then click guitar forums to be taken to our community page. Not signed up yet? Click “JOIN UP” at the top menu.