Cool Chord Progressions


Learning Cool Chord Progressions Up The Fretboard

If you are looking for ways to really help make your playing stand out, then your in for a treat. This lesson features some really cool chord progressions that are played up and across the neck. You can download the free PDF and backing track which will help you with the first of this two part lesson. In the second part, you will be shown how to play up the neck in an unaccompanied chord progression in F minor.

COME FROM YOUTUBE FOR THE DOWNLOAD FOR THIS VIDEO? CLICK Lesson 10 Drop Two Voicings Uncovered Free Material!

cool chord progressions

Lesson Ten – Cool Chord Progressions You Need To Know!

This is a partial transcription of the text found within the video above. This video is all about the progression the I – VI – II – V in a minor key. If you don’t know what that is, then for Youtube users, please check back on the playlist which explains all about that. Basically, millions of tunes use this chord progression; certainly hundreds of thousands. So, it really helps if you know beforehand, how to play a I – VI – II – V progression and the difference in this lesson is we are looking at minor keys.

For those of you who have the book Drop Two Voicings Uncovered, this video lesson discusses chapters twelve and thirteen and we are going to look at two things here. We are going to look at playing with a backing track which you can download along with the chords. In the second part of the lesson I’m not going to play with a backing track a play freestyle through a I – VI – II – V with a slight change in it. We will start at the bottom and play all the way up the neck. So you will have chordal freedom which is what we are all looking for. There is nothing much more for me to say in this lesson other than…to view and hear the rest of this lesson, please view the video above. Download the free resources for a more effective understanding of the playing ideas being discussed.




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