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guitar pro 7

Check Out The Look Of Guitar Pro 7

Guitar Pro 7 - Check It Out!   Guitar Pro 7 is the go to software for most guitarists. NAMM 2017 showed of the latest incarnation...
the NAMM show 2017 guitar

The NAMM Show 2017 – Guitar News, Reviews & Gear

LATEST GUITAR UPDATES FROM THE NAMM SHOW 2017 We will be updating this page with all relevant news from the NAMM show in relation to...

Check Out Rock Band VR’s First MR Trailer, Now Arriving ‘Early 2017’

Harmonix has confirmed that the upcoming Rock Band VR is now set to release in early 2017, and released the first trailer for the game.

Li-Sa-X, Marty Friedman and the Power of Prodigy

Li-Sa-X is an 11-year-old Japanese guitar phenomenon whose YouTube covers of virtuoso rock guitar classics, includung Racer X's "Scarified," have racked up seven-figure viewcounts. Just as often as her performances inspire deserved wonder, they also spark equally impassioned comment-section warnings of the evils of aggressive parenting.

Digital Vintage – Mercuriall SPARK amp sim

After a vintage Marshall sound? Can't afford thousands on the used market? Give this plugin a serious look! Check it out here

The Guitarist’s Guide to Ear Training

I’ve never been the kind of musician who enjoys practicing. I’m always looking for ways to hack the system and trick myself into enjoying my practice sessions, whether that’s by using exercises that don’t suck or ensuring I take breaks to let loose and shred mindlessly. I’m constantly asked about ear training on YouTube, and the consensus seems to be that there aren’t enough quality ear-training lessons available.

See Martin’s Two Millionth Guitar in This Exclusive New Video

Founded in 1833, C.F. Martin & Company has made many guitars over the past 183 years. And someone has been keeping count. Martin celebrated its 500 thousandth guitar in 1990. In 2004, the company built its millionth, an occasion it marked by creating a unique commemorative model: the D-100, a guitar based on the iconic D-45 and festooned with gold, pearl, and precious stones. Twelve years later, Martin has created its two-millionth guitar. And to celebrate, the guitar maker has once again designed a guitar like no other: the D-200.

20 Ways To Play Guitar Better

Getting better on guitar is all about learning. You may think you’re doing fine, but all players can improve with some thought about what they’re doing. Here are 20 practical and conceptual tips to help you play better.

open g guitar tuning

Guitar Tuner - Open G Tuning can open up your guitar playing and introduce fresh musical ideas

10 best acoustic electric guitars under $500 [2016 guide]

Discover the best acoustic-electric guitars under $500. Despite their low price tag, you get killer looks, brilliant tone and amazing value for money!

MIDI Guitar Pedals

Ever since Jimi Hendrix brought guitar distortion to the forefront of rock and roll, pedals to control the distortion have been a standard piece of equipment for almost every guitarist. Now, ther

drop 2 voicings for guitar – how to understand and play them

Confused by drop 2 voicings for guitar? This blog from GMI - Guitar & Music Institute explains what they are and how to use drop 2's across the guitar neck.

Entering The World Of Alternate Guitar Tunings –

“ Once you’ve started learning to play guitar, one of the first things you need to be well versed with is tuning your strings. What you’ll soon learn about guitar, however, is that every rule you adopt can often be immediately broken in some respect! For instance, you’ve likely become quite accustomed to tuning up your …”

New PRX800W portable PA system | My Singing Lessons

“ Featuring integrated 1500-watt Class-D power amplification, PRX800W is the most powerful and efficient system in its class.”

Seymour Duncan Releases Historic Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat Pickups and Loaded Pickguards

Seymour Duncan has announced its new Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat Set and Jimi Hendrix Signature Loaded Pickguards. From the company:

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