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How To Play Numb As Chester Bennington Leaves Us


The Tragic Suicide of Chester Bennington has once again shaken the world of music as the death toll of leading artists from some of the world’s finest bands continues to rise through 2017. This article will look at Chester and his life as well as include videos on how to play one of Linkin Park’s best loved and played songs Numb.

GMI Creates New Online Guitar Shop

New GMI Online Guitar Shop Opens!

GMI online guitar shop

We Are very happy to announce that we have created an online guitar shop which offers guitar accessories, gifts, learning aids and much more.

There are many free items where you only pay for shipping so have a look. We will be adding much more in the way of guitar products over the coming weeks and months. For now, if you can get the news out there by spreading this on social media we’d be so grateful

Episode 16 – Musicians Moving Online 1 – Interview With David Wallimann


Musicians Moving Online 1 – Youtube Guitar Guru David Wallimann

Musicians moving online David Wallimann

This is the first in a series of podcasts (which are not offered in sequential order across the series) which deals with the subject of how to create a successful offering online as a musician and actually make a living doing so. The first interview is with guitarist David Wallimann. David has built up a Youtube channel that has at this point in writing amassed an impressive 78k subscribers! David gives the low down on how he has achieved this and the pitfalls to watch out for. As well as this he gives facts and figures on income from Youtube advertising and how he supports this income in other ways.

Review Of FretDeck The Learning Guitar Card System

FretDeck – Learning Guitar Through A Card Deck

Justin Comstock recently gave an interview on the GMI podcast about his community funded product FretDeck. The FretDeck website states, “Master The Guitar – The FretDeck helps guitarists learn and master the guitar in every single key”. In this review, we look at FretDeck and see what it has to offer guitarists.


Episode 15 – Interview With Janet Halton Of Nordoff Robbins Scotland


Music, Health & Healing – Changing Peoples Lives

Nordoff Robbins Scotland

Many people around the world are waking up to the fact that music is not just about enjoyment or accompanying a social/entertainment situation. Music is now used as therapy to help people of all ages who suffer from a wide range of illnesses and ailments.

Ged Brockie of GMI had the pleasure of interviewing one of the executive directors of Nordoff Robbins Scotland Janet Halton in the Edinburgh premises which is one of four Scottish centres. Nordoff Robbins as Janet explains in the interview, have centres around the world and carry out a wide range of therapies with music at the heart of everything they do.

Is It True The Electric Guitar Is Dying?

The Electric Guitar Is Dying… Is It Really On Death Row?

the electric guitar is dying

A recent article in the Washington Post published an article in which is suggested that the electric guitar is dying. GMI obviously was interested in this article and we had a look as to what was on the web. There has been a huge amount of response on the web in articles, republishing of the article, vlog responses and Twitter posts.

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