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EP – 11 – Pt 3 of 4 Interview With Hollywood Film Composer Hummie Mann


Working As An Orchestrator Then Composer In Hollywood

Billy Crystal & Hummie Mann
Billy Crystal decides to give Hummie a close shave!

Moving to L.A. is quite easy, finding work is quite hard. Hummie discusses how he managed to break into the L.A. scene. The early successes, working as an orchestrator and producer on major movies. Finally he discusses breaking into composing for film, the work, people and personalities within Hollywood.



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How To Play Black Hole Sun As Chris Cornell Departs

Tragedy Hits Soundgarden As Chris Cornell Departs Us


Yet again, a tragic loss has occured as Chris Cornell was pronounced dead after committing suicide. Soundgarden’s lead singer and main songwriter will undoubtably be a huge loss to the millions of fans around the world. Here are some thoughts from the Washington Post no less.

EP – 10 – Pt 2 of 4 Interview With Hollywood Film Composer Hummie Mann


Hummie Mann At Berklee College & Finding Work

hummie mann composer

After discovering he had a talent for music, Hummie tells how he eventually found his way to Berklee College of music. Berklee was an exciting time and prepared his for his eventual movement into find work as a musician.

Review Of Bill Frisell Transcriptions By Jan Jakut

Bill Frisell Solo Guitar Arrangements For Jazzers

Bill Frisell


Bill Frisell – The Marmite Guitarist?

Bill Frisell is one of those guitarists that you either love or hate judging by comments on social media by some detractors. We are firmly in the camp of loving the guitarist’s work. Furthermore, we were delighted to hear that a young guitarists from Seattle, Washington State, USA Jan Jakut has created a line on transcriptions of Bill’s solo work on Youtube for review.

EP – 9 – Pt 1 of 4 Interview With Hollywood Film Composer Hummie Mann


Hummie Mann – Very Much Alive And Loving it!
Hummie Mann Talking

From his work with Mel Brooks, Marc Shaiman, James Newton Howard double Emmy winning composer Hummie Mann has achieved a huge amount within his musical life and career. In this serialised podcast interview, Hummie discusses everything from early beginnings through to working with some of the biggest names in American film music.

EP 8 – Interview With JamStack Creator Chris Prendergast

Jamstack The Most Amazing New Amplification Product In Years!

Jamstack creator Chris Prendergast

Chris Prendergast is the inventor of a new portable guitar amplifier that attaches onto the vast majority of electric guitars. Working with your smartphone it’s a guitarists dream. Funded via an Indiegogo campaign, it’s funding from guitarists around the world has been simply overwhelming. In this podcast GMI talks to Chris about the idea of JamStack, it’s development and his hopes for the future.

How To Play Sunshine Of Your Love As Cream Is Reintroduced

Learn Sunshine Of Your Love As Kofi Baker, Ginger’s Son Goes On The Road


Without doubt Cream were one of the most influential bands of the 60s and had a profound effect on up and coming musicians and bands of the era. Although the band was only around for two years it’s effect on the music scene across the west has lasted much longer. Consisting of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, the song you will learn today is one of their most iconic hits.


The GMI Media Kit – Your Gateway To Mass Exposure


GMI Media Kit

MEDIA KIT DETAILS: The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute media kit is available for download below. GMI has been growing steadily over the last four years and now offers two affordable forms of marketing for musicians, companies, brands, product manufacturers. Reach out to our growing base of customers, website visitors, mailing list users and podcast liseners.

Learn The Techniques That Make Up The Slash Style

Learning To Play Like Slash


There is no doubt that one of the most iconic guitarists around today is Slash. World famous for his work in Guns & Roses, Slash continues to mesmorise with his great sounds and look. In this video lesson below, you’ll learn seventeen of the techniques that help to make Slash the monster guitar player that he is.

EP 7 – We Need To Talk About Improvisation


A Talk About Improvisation & How You Can Develop Your Creativity

talk about improvisation

Learning to improvise is the Holy Grail for a most musicians. For some, however, it’s a never ending source of frustration. If you work hard on your technique, how can you then transform this into improvisations that you feel are from the heart and not just a bunch of pre-learned lick ideas. In this podcast, GMI founder Ged Brockie discusses improvisation and how you can develop it within your musical life.

How To Play Ain’t No Sunshine As John Mayer Covers Song

Ain’t No Sunshine – Easy But Amazing Song

John Mayer

Bill Withers song Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone is an absolute classic which every guitar player should have in their “must know” songs. Although it’s thought of as a “beginners” song because it’s easy to play this should not take away from the fact that it just sounds amazing. John Mayer played the song on tour which shows how much it is still loved.

How To Play Wild Thing As Troggs Pass Fifty!

The Troggs Still Have Wild Thing At Heart


It’s been a long time since the Troggs smashed through to the consciousness of the western world’s youth with Wild Thing. It’s now over fifty years ago which is hard to believe as the song is as popular today as it was when first released. Learn how to play the song and learn more about the Troggs all these years on in the following post.

Allan Holdsworth A Tribute…


Allan Holdsworth A Titan Of The Guitar


Most guitar players who love the instrument will know of Allan Holdsworth passing. Allan was a singularly talented musician who stood head and shoulders across the guitar fusion world. His style was completely unique and although he has influenced a generation of guitarists, who can really say that they could emulate this humble, yet supremely talented guitar player.

How To Play Stray Cat Strut – Brian Setzer Goes On Tour

Brian Setzer The Rockabilly King Of The 1980s!

Brian Setzer

When Brian Setzer and the Stray Cat’s burst on to the music scene back in the 80s it was obvious they had something special. They were young, exciting and talented. Setzer stood out like a beacon with his retro rockabilly hair, clothes and guitar licks. The fact is though, that Brian Setzer includes a lot of other music genres in his playing as this article from Reverb magazine details.

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