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Headless Guitars


Ever bashed the headstock of your guitar, if you have then you should check out some headless guitars? Once thought of as mere oddities, now they are a thing of beauty.

How To Play Johnny B. Goode As Chuck Berry Passes Away

Chuck Berry The Godfather Of Rock & Roll’s Great Riff Johnny B. Goode


Johnny B Goode

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Latest News 3/13/17

Latest News Updates From GMI

GMI continues to grow in both visitors, members and page views. Coming up this month is some exciting new podcasts including interviews with guitarists and musicians who are active within the industry. The podcasting side of GMI has been going really well with listeners from all over the world.

We had the pleasure of releasing an interview with the amazing jazz guitarists Nigel Clark last month. We also recorded three videos and these have been put together and will create a new course titled “The Need For Speed”. Watch out for that this month; Nigel’s playing is amazing and the three videos let you in on exactly how he executes his amazing technique.

We will be continuing our “How To Play” series of articles which mix how to play a specific song with news from the band or artist that makes it pertinent. We have now instigated a way of letting users know view through our social media pages past articles which can easily get buried.

With regards social media, we have seen some amazing growth with our Twitter and Youtube channels starting to get pretty healthy subscription rates. If you are not part of one of our social network accounts, then please join up; the more the merrier!

We will be publishing another new book this month as our range continues to grow so if you’re into blues guitar, well you might be interested. Our forum is the one area we would like to see more interaction. If you have a moment, please join up to the site and tell us all about yourself. It’s through the forum that we can work and get to know our members better and respond to their wishes on the site.

EP – 4 Interview With Classical Guitar Maestro Phillip Thorne MBE

Phillip Thorne MBE Discusses His Life Of Guitar & Music

Phillip Thorne MBE is one of Scotland’s most significant guitar players of the last forty years and not just within the realm of classical guitar. His commissioning of new music for guitar and orchestra, his work within the field of performance and education have been a beacon of light for a generation of players to follow, emulate and in Phillip’s own works “better”. In this candid interview, Phillip discusses his life from his first exposure to music, through the “performance years” as well as guitar competitions, classical guitar education and more.

Phillip Thorne
Phillip Thorne in rehearsal of a new guitar concerto by John Maxwell Geddes. The composer is conducting.

How To Play Back In Black As Bon Scott’s Birthplace Remembered

Learn How To Play Back In Black By AC/DC’s But Check Out Bon Scott’s Monument First!

As this article is all about how to play Back In Black by AC/DC we rightly remember that thehow to play back in black band is thought of as Australian. You probably know, however, that Angus and Malcolm Young and the singer who will forever be the true vocal sound of AC/DC Bon Scott were all born in Scotland. Angus and Malcolm were born in Glasgow and Bon Scott was born in Kirriemuir. The town is now a site of homage to the sadly departed singer which not only features a plaque in his honour, but a statue.

Review of Morgan Picks From Denmark

Morgan Picks – About The Company

Morgan Picks is a new company run by two brothers based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their mission statement is to make picks that are both economically competitive along with being better than the current myriad of options on offer. Amazingly, neither of the two brother morgan picksteam, Nick and Marc, actually play guitar! They feel that this is actually a strength to their plectrum development as it means they are coming to the marketplace unfettered by preconceived ideas of what a good pick should be.

Guthrie Govan Says He’s Never Had A Lesson As Eddie Van Halen Supports Learning

Guitar Education Stories As Guthrie Govan’s Never had a Guitar Lesson and Eddie Van Halen Hit The News

It’s an interesting article that appeared in Ultimate Guitar as Guthrie Goven stated that he has never had a guitar lesson or received any formal guitar tuition at all in his life as a guitar player.

Guthrie Govan's never had a guitar lesson

It is an interesting point that Goven makes, but what about the rest of us mere mortals? Is it that if you take guitar lessons then you don’t have what it takes to become or be a great player?

You can read all about this, view Guthrie playing as well as finding out what Eddie Van Halen has been up to in music education. In a wonderful act of kindness and support, learn how Eddie Van Halen is helping children of today find a potential future, if not just have great fun learning guitar. Full details are in the article which continues below.


By JesterWr (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

EP 3 – Interview With Virtuoso Jazz Guitarist Nigel Clark

Nigel Clark Jazz Guitarists – A Performing Musician

Nigel Clark is one of Scotland’s finest jazz guitarists. His incredible musicality and amazing technique have made him one of the most sought after players not only in his native Scotland, but in Europe and beyond. Find out more about his career, view on music education and how to create an individual sound in the interview that follows.


Nigel Clark Jazz Guitarist

Cut Price Guitars Offered By Guild, Martin & Taylor


Cut Price Guitars Offered From Major Guitar Makers

For guitarists all over the world, having an opportunity to buy a Guild, Martin or Taylor guitar acousticguitar.comis now a reality with cut price guitars being offered in scaled down affordable versions. These three makes cover a huge amount of the acoustic guitar market sales.

If you think that you’ll shortchanged then think again as Pete Madsen explores from Acoustic Guitar magazine.


EP 2 – So You Want To Be A Professional Guitarist

How Does Someone Become A Professional Guitarist?

So if you are starting out, or perhaps you’ve been playing for some time and you want to make the jump to full time becoming a professional guitarist full time, how do you go about this? What does it entail? More importantly, what is the probable reality compared to the dreams that you have? In this episode, you will hear from guitarist Ged Brockie who has GMI Podcast Ep 2 So you want to be a professional guitaristbeen plying his trade as a professional musician for over thirty years. Pulling from his own experience you’ll learn just what it takes to earn your living as a musician. A highly personal podcast episode, Ged talks about his own beginnings as a musician and how this initial dream developed into the reality of actually making a living.

How To Play Creep by Radiohead As Band Ignore Political Boycott


Creep Is An Easyish Song To Learn Which Includes Several Barre Chords

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/OrwOA6tb_0A/mqdefault.jpgRadiohead are without one of the biggest bands in the world. Their song “Creep” was a massive worldwide hit, but the band have been hitting the headlines for a lot of other reasons lately. Here is the story that has been causing a flurry of media activity.


EP 1 – Guitar Sight Reading – How & Why

Learning Guitar Sight Reading On Guitar

Learning to read traditional music notation on the guitar is usually not the first thing that guitarists consider unless they come from a classical guitar background. Due to the fact that guitar sight readingguitar players get scales, chords, arpeggios and ultimately songs together quickly, by the time that they get round to thinking about getting their reading together it’s often too late; or so they think. Getting used to TAB (tablature) means they don’t see the point in learning to read.

How To Play Wonderwall – Liam’s Back On Tour!


A Good Time To Learn Wonderwall Now Liam Gallagher Is Touring This Summer!


So, it looks like that Liam will be touring again from this report although to be honest, there is no indication from it that he will be playing Wonderwall. That would be a shame as it’s probably one of their most popular songs.

Latest GMI Release – Score Heavy Rock Play Along


Score Heavy Rock Play Along

The latest in the Score play along range is here – SCORE HEAVY ROCK! Score Heavy Rock does exactly what it says on the tin…it gives you two great tracks of music for you to learn from.

How To Play Smoke On The Water – As Richie Blackmore Sets Things Straight


antimusic.comSmoke On The Water – A Great Way To Start Learning Guitar

Smoke On The Water was first released in 1969. Yes, it really was that long ago, yet guitarists of all ages still want to play it which offers up a question…why? Is it the ease in which it can be learned and played? Is it the fact that the fourth intervals that start the song off click in to some primeval musical knowledge? Or, is it that it just sounds absolutely fantastic and people love to play meaty chord progressions that quickly denote the song and what it’s all about?

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