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Episode 29 – Richard Kaiser of Wikiloops


Wikiloops – Richard Kaiser on Creating an online community of shared compositions and friendships.

Richard Kaiser

Wikiloops was created by Richard Kaiser and is now seven years old. In that time Wikiloops has built up a huge online community of musicians from around the world. Creating new music in a “ping pong” fashion where creativity is shared. In this GMI podcast episode, Ged Brockie speaks to Richard about Wikiloops, why he created it and the trials and tribulations of running a burgeoning website (as well as all the good stuff too!).

How To Make Money From A Guitar Website

How Exactly Do You Make Money From A Guitar Website?

make money from a guitar website


This article looks at how to make money from a guitar website. Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of websites dedicated to all things guitar. Many of these websites are created to realise a passion for the instrument, that’s it. To connect with the outside world and get some or all of their knowledge out there.

Episode 28 – Adam Klosowiak of KLOS Guitars


KLOS Guitars Is Run By Adam Klosowiak and His Brother Ian. Find Out How They Have Redefined The Travel Guitar Market.

KLOS Guitars

There was a time when guitars were only made from wood, but those days have long gone. Now there are many materials used, but when it comes to dealing with extremes carbon fibre has to be one of the most durable materials yet. Adam Klosowiak of KLOS Guitars tells all in this incredible journey of two young brothers and their bid to dominate the travel guitar market.

Classical Guitar Roundup April 2018


Classical Guitar Roundup April 2018 News – Vids & Snippets

classical guitar roundup April 2018 two

It’s been a couple of months since we rounded up the breaking and making news and videos from the world of classical guitar. Here it is, a plethora of great material for you to find out all the latest and view the best in classical guitar.

Donation Goal For GMI – Guitar and Music Institute


Donation Goal – Can You Afford From $1 Per Month To Help GMI Grow?

donation goal

GMI – Guitar & Music Institute has been offering the best in guitar and music related content since 2013 and the content is happily given free of charge.

We are making an appeal to you our readership and fellow musicians: can you afford to give us a minimum of $1 per month to help us reach our donation goal of $10,000 in this financial year?

Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop

The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop – A Growing Range Of Guitar Products

GMI online guitar shop

The GMI – Guitar & Music Institute Online Shop has been active now for around eight months. The shop is actually held on a seperate website and we thought long and hard about opening a separate entity, but we are glad we did. Read on to find out why.

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