Beyond Basic Barre Chords


If you have been playing for some time, you may well have got your basic barre barre chords together. What this course of three lessons offers is insight into how you can take your chord playing to the next level. Guitarists and leader of GMI Ged Brockie shows you how to play barre chords in five positions up the neck. The forms that will be covered in these three lessons are major, minor and dominant seventh chords.

For many, this course of three lessons will provide a challenge. Some of the chords forms you will already know. Others will be new to you and probably difficult to play. It is important that you take your time over each of the three lessons. Learning slowly is better than learning in a bad way. Try and ensure that you can finger the chords correctly. Then once you can do this, then start to attempt to change between chords.

Within each of the three videos you will find chords that work better than others. This will depend on the type of music you are playing and the sound you are going for. So, remember, not every chord presented will work for all songs. Keep this is mind as you play. If you are new to barre chords, then please check out Gary Clinton’s course on GMI titled playing barre chords. This course really will help you get your hands around basic barre chords.

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Beyond Barre Chords Course Outline & Lesson Detail



COST: Free

FOR: Guitarists who can play open string chords and are competent with more advanced chords