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GMI – Guitar & Music Institute, we have built up a reputation for delivering the best online guitar lessons on the web. Modesty would forbid us from saying that we think we are the best, but our lessons are right up there with anything you can find on the web. best online guitar lessons

For beginner guitar lessons, we have our quick start beginners guitar course by Gary Clinton. Ten lessons in video with backing tracks and a PDF download which are all free. If you are more advanced in your playing, try our advancing guitar course by Ross Baird. Ross’s seven part course right hand rhythm patterns and a really popular lesson titled open string chords up the neck. Also for beginner or at least reasonably new guitar players, we have Gary Clinton’s second course which is all about playing barre chords. This includes a great introduction to barre chords lesson and one of the other four lessons is playing a twelve bar in two positions of the guitar neck.


Looking to develop your guitar scales? GMI leader Ged Brockie provides a growing range of videos which cover all the main scales guitar players use. The scales offered cover everything from chromatic scales to blues scales and much more.

The lessons outlined on this page just scrape the surface of what GMI has to offer. Our blog has a huge range of lessons covering a multitude of areas. A very popular lesson is Ross Campbell’s how to play slides and bends in a solo. For those of you who like jazz guitar you can learn this jazz guitar solo by Ged Brockie. There are various PDF downloads for those interested in jazz guitar scales.

To learn more about all our current courses then see our How To Play Guitar page. This page not only details all our courses, but also our printed and ePublications currently available from Amazon. You read all about them on our guitar books for sale page.

We are focused on providing the best online guitar lessons and resources available. Sign up for our latest news, ideas and lessons today.