The Christmas Song free jazz guitar arrangement

Free Jazz Chord Melody Guitar Arrangment Of The Christmas Song

The Christmas song is an all time favourite. This is a free download from GMI performed by guitarist Ged Brockie. Download the pdf to learn the arrangement.
GMI Podcast Ep 2 So you want to be a professional guitarist

EP 2 – So You Want To Be A Professional Guitarist

How Does Someone Become A Professional Guitarist? So if you are starting out, or perhaps you've been playing for some time and you want to make the jump to full time becoming a professional guitarist...

How one of Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits was made

Led Zeppelin member Jimmy Page and collaborators talk about how they experimented to record "Whole Lotta Love" and changed rock history.

Check Out Rock Band VR’s First MR Trailer, Now Arriving ‘Early 2017’

Harmonix has confirmed that the upcoming Rock Band VR is now set to release in early 2017, and released the first trailer for the game.

Eric Johnson Joins D’Addario Artist Roster

D’Addario has welcomed Texas guitar legend Eric Johnson to its fretted arist family. Johnson was raised in a musical household in Austin.
cool chord progressions

Cool Chord Progressions

Learning Cool Chord Progressions Up The Fretboard If you are looking for ways to really help make your playing stand out, then your in for a treat. This lesson features some really cool chord progressions...
wild thing

How to play “Wild Thing” … as The Troggs pass fifty!

The Troggs still have "Wild Thing" at heart.It's been a long time since the Troggs smashed through to the consciousness of the western world's youth with Wild Thing. It's now over fifty years ago...

10 best acoustic electric guitars under $500 [2016 guide]

Discover the best acoustic-electric guitars under $500. Despite their low price tag, you get killer looks, brilliant tone and amazing value for money!

Guthrie Govan Says He’s Never Had A Lesson As Eddie Van Halen Supports Learning

Guitar Education Stories As Guthrie Govan's Never had a Guitar Lesson and Eddie Van Halen Hit The News It's an interesting article that appeared in Ultimate Guitar as Guthrie Goven stated that he has never had...

Trick to Help You Learn Scales Fast

Learning a scale isn’t just memorizing a pattern. In fact, it’s memorizing lots of patterns, but there’s more to it than that.