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GMI has been offering guitar tuition online for three years. We offer free online guitar lessons with video throughout. We also offer complete courses in marketing for musicians and how to turbocharge your career as a musician. The site was created and is run by professional musicians who work in the music industry. All our guitar tutors are fully trained and degree qualified musicians. They have a wealth of practical performance and music instruction honed over many years of experience.

We create free online guitar lessons for guitar players of all levels. Are you just thinking about playing or have you just started playing guitar? Our HD video guitar tuition lessons will enable you to get the help you need to make fast progress.

We are constantly updating the videos and resources we offer. No matter what you are looking for you’ll find it here now or in the near future. Beginner guitar lessons, blues guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, lead guitar lessons, music theory, jazz chords, blues progressions. No matter what type of guitar you play, electric guitar or acoustic guitar, the Guitar & Music Institute provides quality guitar tuition.


Our guitar courses cover a variety of genres and levels of learning. Our Quick Start Beginners Guitar course is ideal for anyone looking for guitar lessons for beginners. This course contains ten lessons and is a step by step guide to learning the guitar. You will learn about the anatomy of the guitar, guitar strumming patterns, plectrum and pick technique, how to play guitar chords, how to play guitar riffs and power chords. As the course moves on you will learn how to play fingerstyle chords and melody and an introduction to playing scales. The course includes backing tracks and a downloadable PDF to accompany the guitar course.

For those of you who are beyond beginners level, we offer our advancing guitar course. This course shows you how to play open string major scales in many keys, how to play open string guitar shapes up the neck, learning to play a song in several keys. You will also be shown how to play other scales and guitar arpeggios. Guitar rhythm patterns are just part of the other lessons included. Our barre chords course gives video lessons in barre chord shapes, chromatic movement, root movement for guitar chords and more.


If you are interested in jazz guitar lessons then we have a huge amount of materials including how to play a jazz guitar solo lesson. This includes backing tracks and full transcription. We also have complete jazz guitar chord melody transcriptions for you to learn from. Jazz chords are also offered in various blog posts.

For the ever popular blues guitar we offer lessons on how to play slides and bends, twelve bar blues chord progressions including blues scales for guitar. We have a number of rock backing tracks for you to jam with or play with other musicians. Some of these backing tracks are complete band arrangements. We also have our guitar blog which offers individual guitar lessons.  Sign up and get the latest news, tips and free guitar lessons direct to your email. Finally, check out our guitar books for sale page which details all the GMI publications available in print or ePublication form. Have a look at our regular feature articles like 10 Indian guitarists you should know  and ten free amazing guitar apps.



If you are looking for the very best in online guitar lessons sign up for our free guitar content. A lot of our content is available without needing to sign up, but if you do you can use course tracking & other features. We regularly updated and covers the widest range of techniques and styles.


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